Five Eco-Friendly Material Solutions For Your  Next Creative Project

Products here, products there, products everywhere…let’s be honest, we love products! And we don’t have to feel bad about it anymore. Nowadays, it’s getting less difficult to create products that don’t harm the planet and that can be pleasant to the eye. Here are five sustainable alternatives that demonstrate how easy it is to find eye-catching eco-friendly resources.

Elevate Packaging

Images from Elevate Packaging

Elevate Packaging claims to be the leading provider of compostable adhesive labels and flexible packaging. They offer a wide range of packaging solutions for businesses interested in sustainable practices. Their PURE Labels™, which are compostable certified, are just one example. Consumer products, food, beverages, personal care, cosmetics, and electronics are some of its applications. A great alternative for those interested in developing an eco-branding, and it can be cus-tom-ized.

Crafting Plastics! Studio

Image from Crafting Plastics! Studio

This award-winner studio takes sustainability seriously, and in collaboration with a team of material scientists from Slovak University Technology and Panara company, they developed NUATAN® a bioplastic material, which is biobased and biodegradable. Great news! Because it can withstand high temperatures and it could have a lifespan of 1-50 years, this material has many applications like houseware, furniture, toys, accessories, consumer electronic parts, just to mention a few. Since it is a good replacement for plastics, some of the processes that can be applied to NUATAN are: injection moulding, extruding, CNC milling, 3D printing, laser cutting, heat pressing, and more.


Image from NaturePlast

Imagine that you have an innovative product in mind and you just know that avoiding the use of petroleum polymers is a must. You are not even close to being a material scientist, and obviously you don’t own industrial machinery…you just want to focus on creating amazing products, green products. Don’t worry, you are not alone! NaturePlast with their extensive portfolio of bioplastic materials states to assist you “from the inception of an innovative project to its industrial realisation, completing all the coordination steps.” With their biodegradable and biobased options, the applications are vast, construction, high tech, toys, stationery, sports and leisure, transportation, luxury industry, medical, just to mention some. Fruit Spirit, a bio-based polyethylene (bio-PE) compound combined with unique by-products derived from fruits, is one material to look at.

Ultrasuede® by Toray

Screenshot of some Ultrasuede® LT Swatches

Toray is another company that takes sustainable responsibility seriously by doing advanced fiber research and development. As a result, Ultrasuede® is a material made with advanced technologies including recycled and biomass-derived polymers suitable for a great variety of products and applications like interior design, fashion, sports gear, automobile and airplane upholstery, and much more. For its characteristics, this eco-friendly material seems to be a perfect sustainable solution. So if you are looking for a durable, luxurious, breathable, lightweight, all-weather flexible material option for your next amazing project, look no further…sounds like Ultrasuede® has it all. “What about color?”, you might ask. That too, and apparently it has a wide range to choose from.


Image from Global Cosmetic News

Another award-winning company that provides us with a sustainable alternative to plastics. Being 100% biodegradable and containing 0% microplastics, Sulapac’s solutions are not only natural, they’re also beautiful. You can choose from their “Ready-Made” portfolio that contains a range of jars in various sizes and 9 available colors.  If you are already producing plastic products, switch to the green side and join Sulapac® in saving the planet from plastic waste. They state that their materials are suitable for most production lines and most importantly, that you can have sustainable materials that “outperform other competition in terms of barrier properties, biodegradation speed and cost efficiency”. Check more product images on their Instagram account #sulapac.

These are just a few of the various innovative companies out there that are providing us with eco-friendly solutions so that we can keep creating amazing products without harming the environment. Stay tuned for more sustainable material solutions.

Be ecocentric!