Sustainable Food: Fun and Delicious. An Exquisite Piece of Art.

This time, I won’t be talking about any of the materials topics related to architecture or industrial stuff. It does involve materials, but it’s more related to design, art, construction (not the architecture/industrial way), even engineering somehow…any guess?…not a clue yet?

FOOD! Food? Wait, whaaaat? I know, it took me some time too. Food is all that and more, obviously. Our sustenance. “Duh!”, you might be thinking. The point is that, a few days ago, I was listening to a podcast where one of the episodes of Netflix Original Series The Final Table was mentioned, and it kind of grabbed my attention. I watched the first episode, which I loved because I believe that Mexican cuisine is fascinating. O.K., I’ll get to the point (soon). The show, for those who don’t know, “long story short” it’s about cool chefs of the world in a competition, with all that’s involved in one (sigh).

The Final Table | Image from Netflix Official Site

The thing is that there’s one team (two chefs) that grabbed my full attention for three main reasons:

1. They kept mentioning supporting a cause

2. The main ingredients they were using: “chapulines” and “nopales” (crickets, cactus)

3. The look on their faces when one of the judges said that the Mexican cuisine was the best in the world.

After some cooking-show time, the resulting dish truly surprised me! They presented a beautiful, authentic…(by “authentic”, I really mean it)…where was I?!? -Oh, yes!- exquisite dish; I was not really impressed by the plating until I remembered that one of these chefs has an artistic background (ok, let’s call it the fourth one). Then I looked at the plating with a different mindset, from an artistic perspective, appreciating the culinary piece. They also mentioned the cause. OMG, I tingled! At that point, I didn’t know if it was because of all the food I was watching, or because I hadn’t finished my dinner…perhaps for love and enthusiasm.

O.K. Now, really 😒  (stress over “really”) the “so-called” point 🙃

Chefs 👨‍🍳  Charles Michel and Rodrigo Pacheco are promoting food sustainability. Both are graduates of the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon. Rodrigo currently runs the Bocavaldivia’s kitchen in Ecuador, which specializes in local, sustainable food. As for Charles, let’s focus here. I visited his site; his profile is interesting and his vision is even more. I felt a connection and inspiration right away. Charles describes himself “At the intersection of Science, Art, Community and Entrepreneurship”. His “aim is to inspire solutions for important challenges in the relationship between humans and nature.” This successful chef is promoting sustainability and he’s also helped design a sustainable village project in Ecuador. I invite you to visit his site to learn more about his amazing career path.

Charles Michel and Rodrigo Pacheco | Adam Rose/Netflix | Image taken from Eater

So, going back to the original story, what I truly felt was emotion. The emotion of seeing that WE are not alone. There are more and more sustainable “interestees” (I know, spell checker, I just invented a word 🤪🤨🤭🙄.  With all the excitement, I wanted to do two things, shown by order of thought-process:

1. To research about the chefs, not in a stalker way but in an informational way 

2. To write this post, obviously! “Duh” back! 🙃

I love these chefs’ cause because the food not only looks delicious, it is nutritious. It is pure art, but the very best part is the fact that is sustainable and tasty…yes, I have tried “chapulines” and “nopales” at La Gruta in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Totally worth trying. I recommend it!

Escamoles and Chinicuiles at La Gruta

I will be sharing different content related to sustainability. Not only materials, but things that I see, experience, read, and whatever other verb that you might think of about sustainability in my life. If you want to join me in the conversation, it would be great to connect, and create a tremendous ECOCENTRIC community full of amazing vibe, super energy, and great enthusiasm. Let’s talk…🤔, write 😄🙃. Join me @be_ecocentric #be_ecocentric. Don’t forget to Sing Up!

Be creative. Be ECOcentric!